The Jonas Brothers top another List

29. prosince 2008 v 11:47 | Bejuška* |  JB- News
JB se umístili v opravdu zajímém žebříčku.TOP 5 nejlepší koncertů za rok 2008.Se svým turné jsou na prvním místě.


1. JONAS BROTHERS Feb. 29, 2008 --- What other band could draw so many "tweens" to Dodge Arena than The Jonas Brothers? The trio of brothers played to a sea of screaming fans when their Look Me in the Eyes tour stopped in Hidalgo during BorderFest.

2. BRAD PAISLEY WITH JEWEL Oct. 16, 2008 --- The Paisley Party tour proved to be the party of the year. Along with Chuck Hicks and pop-turned-country star Jewel, Brad Paisley performed for a full house in October. Paisley played a 2 ½-hour set, proving why he's one of country's biggest stars.

3. SANTANA Sept. 23, 2008 --- He's a prolific artist who is known for his impressive guitar skills and he has performed for over 100 million people, worldwide. So when Carlos Santana rolled into the RGV to play, tickets sold fast. The hitmaker entertained fans at Dodge Arena in September.

4. LUIS MIGUEL October 10, 2008 --- One night wasn't enough for fans of Luis Miguel. The international superstar spent two nights with fans at Dodge Arena this fall while on the Complices tour.

5. AVRIL LAVIGNE April 24, 2008 --- The Best Damn Tour was just that for Avril fans. The angsty princess of pop punk bounced on stage singing her chart-topping songs to eager girls and boys in April. The Canadian was on her best behavior and belted out each hit with energy to spare.

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